Risk Management Monitor:

- Physical
- Chemical
- Biological

Physical Risk Factors

RIL_FIs_01 Measurement of no-ionizing radiation
FIs_01A Evaluation and analysis of narrowband Electric and Magnetic fields (0 – 300 GHz) indoor and outdoor
FIs_01B Evaluation and analysis of broadband Electric and Magnetic fields (0 – 300 GHz) indoor and outdoor
RIL_FIs_02 Measurement of ionizing radiation
FIs_02A Measurement of radioactive contamination
FIs_02B Measurement of atmospheric radon concentration throughout:
- activated carbon baskets
- D electret Detectors
- Nuclear traces detectors
- Measurement with dynamic method, using handheld equipment
FIs_2C Measurement of radionuclides concentration in liquid matrices using Liquid Scintillation
FIs_2D Measurement of gamma-emitting radionuclides concentration in solid and liquid samples carried out by Gamma Spectrometer (low and high sensitivity).
FIs_2E In situ Gammametry for environmental dose measurements
FIs_2F Alpha spectrometry
FIs_2E Gamma spectrometry
RIL_FIs_03 Microclimate Measurement carried out in mild or harsh climate conditions
RIL_FIs_04 Measurement of pressure gradient
RIL_FIs_05 Measurement of air exchanges
RIL_FIs_06 Quantification of airborne particles (PM10, PM 2.5, PM 1)
RIL_FIs_07 Measurement of lighting conditions at work
RIL_FIs_08 Measurement of optical radiation from artificial sources
RIL_FIs_09 Vibrations
RIL_FIs_10 Measurement of noise
FIs_10A Evaluation and Analysis of employees’ exposure
FIs_10B Evaluation and Analysis of noise and environmental impact