Risk Management Monitor:

- Physical
- Chemical
- Biological

Biological Risk Factors

RIL_BIO_01 Monitoring of infective biological agents (atmosphere, surfaces, water) : bacteria, protozoa, virus, mould and yeast (Legionella Pneumophila, Aspergillus Fumigatus, Staphilococcus,..)
RIL_BIO_02 Monitoring of allergenic biological agents (atmosphere, surfaces, water): thermophilic actinomyces, microfungi protozoan (Aspergillus Alternaria, Penicillum, Aureobasidium Naegleria,..)
RIL_BIO_03 Monitoring of toxic biological agents (atmosphere, surfaces, water): endotoxin, citotoxin, mycotoxin 1-3,▀-D-glucan (gram negative bacteria),..
RIL_BIO_04 Monitoring of main biological indexes in urine: formaldehyde, citotoxics,..
RIL_BIO_05 Particulate matter